BeYOUtiful Mother Daughter Retreat

July 11, 23, August 22, 29 10am-6pm

Darnley, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Spend an entire day connecting, learning, and playing near Canada's most beautiful beaches

Strengthen your relationship with yourself, and with your daughter in a supportive, relaxed environment

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Do you try to tell your daughter how amazing she is and it just falls flat?  Do you want her to see her value?

Do you wish that she had the confidence to be kind to herself no matter what happens?

Do you have a good relationship with your daughter, but you want to make it amazing?

I don’t know a better way to make this happen than in an immersive, transformative mother daughter retreat.

When you can apply what you’re learning immediately in real life experiences, the impact goes so much deeper!!!

That’s what I’m offering for moms with daughters aged 12-18!

Impactful Workshops

The days workshops will cover topics such as Self Love, Confidence, facing fears, relationships and overall mental wellness. A small workbook will be provided for notes and further learning. Click Icon for details.

Hands-on Activities

This is where the magic happens. Each activity is intentionally designed to connect with the days workshops that offer an opportunity for fun, connection and application. When you are able to apply what you've learned immediately and get support through it, your learning is 10 fold. Activities may include yoga, cliff jumping and or swimming and others, weather dependent.

Lunch provided

Price for your meal included with retreat price. Food provided from a high level local restaurant. Let me know if you have dietary restrictions.

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You'll take your mother daughter relationship from good to Amazing!

You will both have better tools for creating amazing friendships!

You'll know how to take your relationship with yourself from self doubt to self compassion!

You'll have the tools to gain confidence and to be afraid and do it anyway!

All of this for only $150 for both of you for the whole day!

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It's going to be amazing but don't take my word for it!

Laura D

This retreat was an amazing way to connect with myself and my daughter. I came away feeling uplifted and hopeful in my own self love journey, and it was so encouraging to see my daughter embrace the same concepts in such an open, reflective and safe space.  I felt so encouraged by the concepts that were taught and the authentic way that Lindsay shared them. The whole experience, from the workshops to the activities, environment and meal were well planned and thought out. Lindsay is super knowledgeable and her kindness and warmth make learning and sharing together easy, fun and super valuable. Thank you Lindsay for this amazing opportunity to learn and connect with my daughter.  

Cherelle P

Lindsay was able to connect with my daughter and give practical examples that kept my daughter engaged. Lindsay’s desire is to advance your child beyond just functioning, (which is where we were left after therapy) to thriving. Her authenticity helped my daughter let down her guard and open up about conflicts in her mind. I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone who wants to see their child thrive in anxiety ridden situations and improve their own self talk. 
Most helpful was the opportunity to do three classes in one day during her online retreat. It gave my daughter practical experience using the skills she taught immediately. (I have found that my teens and tweens often fail to do the skill work in between long periods of time between therapy sessions. Often the skill needs to be retaught.) Being in the session together I am able to learn skills with my daughter and better support her and my other children.  

Elle D (age 15)

This retreat is great for learning how to overcome your fears even if it just means that you have become comfortable with feeling fearful. Its also great for becoming better at loving yourself.

And to top it all off, you can stay at my Airbnb and turn it into a girls weekend!

I have a few spots for guests to stay right here on location for the event.  Act fast as space is limited.  Check out the space at the link below.  You won't see availability in the calendar as I've blocked it off for the retreat.  Just email me at [email protected] and I will send you a special invite to book.

Check out Brambling Brook Farm!

Questions you might have...

Have questions?  Ask away!

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Through this workshop you will understand:

  • 3 secrets to make your relationships even better even if no one changes.
  • 3 myths about self love you might be believing and tools to solve for them.
  • 3 ways fear is holding you back and how to work with it instead of against it.
  • Tools to uplevel the self love and confidence in your life
  • Incredible memories
  • Maybe even some new friends!
  • All of this is priceless, but come join me for $150 for both of you for the entire day!
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