The Space Between

Monthly Parent Workshops

Respond to your teen with love instead of fear

May 15, 12:30 Eastern Time 

Social Media and screen time

This topic tends to bring up so much anxiety.  There is so much we don't know and the game keeps changing.  Despite this, we can get to a place of calm and peace when it comes to our teens and social media and screen time.  Let's talk!  ENTER COUPON CODE "SCREEN" FOR 100% OFF

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"I lost my cool again!"

"Why do I always say the wrong thing?"

"I don't know how to respond when they are so down on themselves."

Does this sound like you? In every response you make to your teen/tween, there is a space between your initial response and what you really want to say.
In that space are your thoughts, emotions, past experience, long held beliefs, and self doubts.  When you can explore, understand and have compassion for this space, the gap closes between your default and desired response and allows you to show up with more acceptance and compassion for your teen.
In these monthly workshops I will help you gain power over that space so that you can respond the way you want to.  With compassion, curiosity, acceptance and love.
  • New topic each month- see monthly topics below
  • Learn why your desire for your teen to be happy often has you responding in unhelpful ways
  • Learn how to communicate acceptance so that your teen is more likely to move toward positive self talk and confidence
  • And most importantly, learn how to create connection that will go far beyond the teen years      
  • Each workshop will be about 1 hr, and have a combination of teaching and coaching.
  • You can register separately for each workshop for $7 or get the bundle of remaining workshops (See bottom of page for this option)

Jan 30, 12:30 pm Eastern time

Helping them get it done

Do you have a teen who creates a great study plan and exercise plan and then just doesn't do it?  Do you have a teen that has great intentions to clean their room and then it never happens.  It is so easy to slip into judgment and and harassing.  Thank you default brain.  This may work in the short term, but in the long term it stresses the relationship and your teens self concept.  What if you could help them "get it done" through a message of acceptance for where they are?  Register below and I'll help you!

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February 27, 12:30pm Eastern time

Is your teen getting the grade?

School is a big part of your teens life.  It is important. Let's make sure you're making it important in a healthy, accepting way!  Whether your teen is getting straight A's or struggling to pass, the way you respond will have a big impact on how they see themselves.

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Mar 27, 12:30pm Eastern time

Let's really feel those feelings

Most of us were never taught to how to really feel the emotions that come up for us.  And in order to accept the myriad of emotions that your teen will experience, you need to be able to accept your own.

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April 24, 12:30 Eastern time 

Navigating Friendships with your teen

Friendships for our teens and tweens seem to bring up drama in so many different ways.  Let's get clear on your role in all of this drama!!  Whether you are dealing with frenemies or loneliness, this chat is going to help.

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Teen Night Chats

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