Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I have lived an amazing life and have also learned many things the hard way.

We have been on some amazing adventures as a family, but have also had our struggles with mental health.

As a youth, I spent a lot of time feeling anxious and aiming for perfection.  It created an adult life where anxiety persisted and very critical self talk kept me from really enjoying many of the beauties in my life.  I was doing it, but I was constantly stressed and almost always sick. Between counselling, support from family and friends and a commitment to caring for my mental health, I made it through, but beating myself up the whole way.

Then as my children grew, I saw that they stuggled to see their value as well.  Thankfully at this point, I had some wise words from Brene Brown to share with them, but I still didn't know how to really take both my children and I to a place where we loved ourselves no matter what.  Our opinion of ourselves came from the outside world, not our inner understanding of our worth.

Then, I found life coaching.  This is when I really took back the power to determine my mental health, physical health, inner thoughts and results in my life.  I knew what to do when unhelpful thoughts came. I knew what to do with the anxiety that used to last months and years at a time. I felt like I had the secret to the universe and I had to share it with the people who needed it the most.


I imagined a life for my children where they grew up knowing how to love themselves even when they "failed".  A life where they had the confidence to be themselves without being riddled with fear of what others might think.  I imagined a life for them with far less pain, anxiety, self loathing and fear than I experienced.

And I knew that they could have it now, and not have to wait until they were almost 40 as I had.

A life filled with self love and confidence, no matter what happens, is in reach for all of our youth.

It is my greatest honour to be part of the solution for youth to be ready for the hard things that will inevitably come in their lives, with out those things taking their worth with them.

You don't want to do it the hard way anymore!

Discover the secret to the universe!

Having Self Love and Confidence no matter what looks like:

  • knowing what to do with negative thoughts when they come, because they will come
  • knowing how to embrace failure and turn it into your greatest teacher
  • Moving forward to create the life of your dreams because you know you can handle whatever comes your way.


I'm ready for Transformation!

Help your teen start building Confidence from the inside out!

Now is the time for your teen/tween to learn to love themselves and build confidence from the inside out! I can help and I can show you how.

Learn how that works!