I help teens and tweens embrace Confidence and Self Love so that when hard times come, they are ready

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  • Your teen can learn to be their best friend
  • Dropping the comparison is an option
  • Creating friendships from a place of belief is real
  • Courage to reach goals is attainable
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Creating a Family Culture that facilitates Confidence and Self Love does not just happen.  It takes intention.  It takes know how and you can do it.  I am hear to make it easy and fun!

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One Day Virtual Mother Daughter Retreat

When is the last time that you just took a whole day to hang out with your teenage daughter? Christmas Holidays could be the perfect time to make this happen! Do you want to take this opportunity to connect to the next level? Join me for a day of virtual and hands on activities to take your relationship from good to amazing, to take your negative self talk down a notch and to move you from fearful to confident! It's a day you're not going to want to miss!

Hi, I'm Lindsay

I spent many years feeling anxiety and self doubt, interspersed with bursts of confidence and living my dreams.

I have been on both sides of self love, both sides of confidence, and both sides of anxiety. With coaching, I am finally at a place where I know what to do when I slip into self doubt and self criticism.  It doesn't have to be a way of life.

As a mom of six, I have felt the pain of watching a child struggle to love themselves.  I hear you.  I see you.  I can help you!

My Story Continued

Confidence from the Inside Out

My program will take your teen from their own worst critic to their most devoted cheerleader

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Join me in Confidence from the Inside Out!

"Working with Lindsay was awesome!! I learned so much about how to deal with my emotions and thoughts. I am constantly doing thought downloads and using the methods I learned to allow me to be productive and successful. I learned so much and am so grateful I was able to do this!"

Brittana E.
Teen client

"I know she has really benefited from these meetings and the thing I find amazing is that she enjoys them and looks forward to them. Thank you for doing what you do! She has more self confidence, especially with friends at school. She's more self aware. She's able to deal with her emotions in a more calm way- still gets upset but seems to be able to come out of it quicker."

Sarah G.
Mom of tween

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