Do you want to know the real definition of confidence?

Nov 10, 2023


True Confidence comes when your teen can be kind to themselves no matter what happens.

When their team loses the big game.

When their friend's get together and they are not invited.

When they fail that test even though they studied, or didn't study.

It doesn't mean they won't feel sad or angry or embarrassed, but it does mean that they have the skills to be kind to themselves when things don't go as planned.  That is what true confidence is.

Sometimes confidence is associated with standing tall and doing it well. 

Or, not being afraid and doing hard things.

Now it can be these things, but the most important part of confidence is how you treat  yourself after you step out of your comfort zone, no matter the result.

Because the truth is, is that what usually holds your teen back from doing the things they want is the fear of how they’ll treat themselves when they fail.

What if your teen knew how to be kind to yourself no matter what happened?

What would that change for them?

How would that affect their confidence at school, with friends, on the field?

Maybe they’d stress less.

Maybe they’d do things they've been wanting too, but they've been too scared.

Maybe they would get curious and allow themselves to learn instead of beating themselves to a pulp with they “fail”.

If this is the kind of confidence you wish for your teen, check out my "Better Self Talk for Teens"  poster, share it with your teen and watch their self kindness bloom.  (You'll also get access to other helpful tools too!)

Take care,

Self Lovingly,



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