Teen Brave Week

Hey Teens! Come learn, Get inspired and Connect!

April 8-12 at 6pm MDT

Jump in and let's get our Brave on!

Brave Week is for you if:

  • You go to raise your hand in class to ask a question, but your heart starts beating so hard that you hold back, and then continue to struggle to figure out the concepts and learn the way you want to
  • You want to reach out to someone from school to hang out, but you feel like you'll say the wrong thing, so you just sit at home playing video games
  • You commit to getting your English essay done, but you hear a notification on your phone and end up going down a trail of funny YouTube videos for an hour, once again creating this feeling of being behind and almost constant anxiety about school¬†
  • You said no to¬†trying out for the basketball team or school play because you know you'll mess up and then have to suffer the flood of unkind thoughts about yourself and off hand remarks from others.¬† It's just too risky, but you really want to do it!
  • If any of this sounds familiar, register below
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What Brave Week will give you:

  • A way to offer yourself compassion when you "mess up" so that feeling embarrassed isn't so overwhelming
  • A safe space to share the struggle of letting yourself feel the desire to get on a screen, while choosing not to
  • A place to problem solve what thoughts and emotions are keeping you from reaching out to that friend or asking that question in class
  • A realization that you're not alone.¬† So many teens¬†have similar struggles.¬† You're not alone and there is nothing wrong with you.

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Connect with Youth from all over the Continent

Sometimes you can feel very alone in your struggles and fears.  When you're able to connect with others and share your personal experiences, you realize that you are not alone.  And that realization helps you to keep going!

Help spread the word so that we can get youth from every province and state in North America!

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Friday is Parent Night!

We can't let the kids have all of the fun!  On the last day of Brave Week, I will meet with parents to teach them how to continue to support their youth in taking brave steps forward and help them to take some brave steps of their own.  Your kids learn more from what you do than from what you say!!

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What will Brave Week look like?

  • Daily zoom meetup for 30 min. from Apr 8-12 at 6 pm¬†Mountain Time.
  • When you register, you'll get a workbook to help you prepare 1-4 brave moments
  • A¬†replay will always be available, but join as many days as you can live to be entered into a draw for a $40 gift card.
  • Each meeting will have time for learning new tools,¬† sharing experiences, and asking questions.
  • And on the last night it's the parents turn to meet with me to learn how to support you in your brave moments and create some of their own!!

As a Certified Youth Life Coach, I can help you find your confidence within to be Brave and compassionate with yourself along the way

Take these 5 days to see what you're capable of!

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Here's what kids are saying about Brave Week

Brave Week made me step out of my comfort zone. I felt more confident and have been able to make more friends. I learned how to deal with my feelings and recognize the feelings I have. Brave Week helped me so much in so many ways!! I'm so excited for Brave Week this year!

Sydnee B (16 yrs)

Brave Week was a great experience for me! It helped me talk to more people and not let me doubt myself.  It was also really fun!

Raylie G (12 yrs)