Bravery + Kindness = Confidence

If you’re a teen and you feel like fear is holding you back from doing what you really want…

Come to my Brave Week Challenge for the secret to what is really holding you back!

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Discover what you're afraid of and why.

As you create your own  brave list, you will become more aware of the things that scare you and why.  This is a huge step in coming to peace with that fear and moving forward with it.  Your workbook will guide you to create your 1-5 brave actions and reflect each day on how it went.

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Be afraid and do it anyway

We will explore the emotion of fear and how to let it be there and take action anyway.  You will explore which confidence thoughts really help you to take those first steps into bravery!

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Be Kind to Yourself No Matter What

When you're willing to do something brave, what makes it brave is that you might be worried about what might happen after you do it.  You might feel embarrassed, you might worry that people will judge you. What if you knew that you could be kind to yourself no matter what the outcome of your bravery was?  Let's work on that.  I'll show you how.

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Connect with Youth from all over the Continent

Sometimes you can feel very alone in your struggles and fears.  When you're able to connect with others and share your personal experiences, you realize that you are not alone.  And that realization helps you to keep going!

Help spread the word so that we can get youth from every province and state in North America!

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What Brave Week will look like:
  • When you register, you'll get a workbook to help you prepare 1-5 brave moments, and then a daily reflection opportunity
  • Daily emails for encouragement and learning
  • When the event starts on November 14th, we will meet on zoom at 9 pm Atlantic Time for our kick off meeting.
  • Then we will have 3 guest speakers for Tues., Wed. and Thurs. (Zoom calls will be at 9pm Atlantic Time)
  • You will join with Youth from all over the continent
  • Join as many days as you can live, but a replay will also be available with an opportunity for interaction there.
  • Each meeting will consist of 5-7 minutes of teaching and then time to share experiences and ask questions and get coached.
  • For every day you attend live, you will be entered in for a draw for a $40 gift card
As a Certified Youth Life Coach, I can help you find your confidence within to Be Brave and create more Self Trust, Self Compassion and Self Belief
Take these 5 days to see what you're capable of!
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