Does it hurt to watch your teen or tween struggle to see their value?  Are you unsure of how to help them?

You are not alone!


Who I coach

  • Families who value mental health and creating a nurturing environment in their home to promote Self Love in their children and themselves
  • Families that see that now is the time to take action 
  • Families that are willing to explore their minds with curiosity and compassion

Confidence and Self Love are in Reach! 

If you and your teen or tween are willing to:

  • Learn and apply simple tools
  • Look at your thoughts and emotions with curiosity
  • Be open to your own power to change

Then, let's get going!  I am ready!  I want to be your guide on this journey to greater Self Love and Confidence!

I'm ready to see my teen grow in Self Love and Confidence!

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Helping Teens and Tweens build Self Love and Confidence from the Inside Out!

Through this journey, your teen/tween will fall in love with themselves again, so that they can believe in their dreams and be the friend they want to have. 

Teens will walk away with:

  • the confidence to go for their dreams
  • compassion for themselves along the way
  • a new loving story about themselves
  • a plan to care for their most valuable asset (their brain!)
  • the ability to be the friend they want to have


It isn't magic. The self critic will still be there. 

But your teen or tween will know what to do when the critic comes lurking.

Your teen or tween will be able to recognize negative thoughts for what they are and choose what they want to think. 

They will have tools they can use to bring out the cheerleader when they want to. 

I love helping teens and tweens learn to be their own biggest cheerleader and I consider it a privilege to be their guide on this journey!

If you’re ready to help your teen or tween embark on the journey of creating Self Love and Confidence from the inside out, then Let's do this!


I'm ready for Transformation!

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Now is the time for your teen/tween to learn to love themselves and build confidence from the inside out! I can help and I can show you how.

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